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Don't go into battle with a losing idea.

The Absolute Minimum Viable Product

Developing an idea into a product and bringing it to market takes an enormous amount of time, money and effort.

In The Proving Ground, you’ll learn to use the pre-marketing method to determine whether there’s enough demand for your product to justify the investment - before you put in the work.

I’ll show you how to test for product/market fit by building the absolute minimum viable product, pre-launching it online and sending prospective buyers to it using Google Adwords.

In a few short weeks, you’ll have scientific proof whether your idea is a GO, NO GO or requires a PIVOT.



    The Pre-Marketing Field Guide for Entrepreneurs & Investors

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    Test Before You Invest

    Have you ever thought of an idea for a product or service that could solve a problem - a product that you would buy yourself, if only it existed?

    Remember the excitement that grew as you searched for it online, and couldn’t find it - that slow but glorious realization that you had stumbled upon an original idea, perhaps followed by envisioning yourself at the helm of a business empire, built off the sales of that product?

    Remember the feeling of doubt when you asked yourself: “Why can’t I find it online?” Was it because no one had thought of it yet, or because no one wants to buy it? Were you ahead of the curve, behind the curve, or was there any curve at all?

    Are you sitting on a potentially lucrative idea right now, stalling, because you are skeptical whether there is a lucrative enough market for your product?

    It’s time to find out.

    What You'll Learn

    In The Proving Ground, you’ll learn how to use the internet to test the feasibility of your idea. I’ll show you how to...

    Conduct customer research to discover the true wants and needs of your prospective buyers, and what keywords they are searching for.

    Position your product by crafting a promise, offer, product description, features and benefits - and write compelling copy.

    Build a landing page that collects pre-orders of your product online, and tracks conversions so that you can tell whether your product offer is resonating with customers, and if the market is lucrative enough to pursue.

    Drive targeted traffic to your page on a shoestring budget by crafting highly relevant Google ads that earn low costs per-click.

    Test different positioning messages, price points and payment terms so that when you go to market your offer is optimized for profitability.

    Test different product features and benefits, so that you can look before you leap, should you need to pivot.

    You don’t need web design skills or experience to get these results. As long as you can follow instructions, you’re in business.

    The Pre-Marketing Field Guide

    The strategy and tactics laid out in the Proving Ground help enterpreneurs and investors test product ideas before investing time, money and work. But it’s also about how to generate new product ideas with lucrative, built-in markets by focussing on the buyer first.

    Premarketing is about getting product/market fit before you build a prototype. It's about building the absolute minimum viable product - a pitch that you can empirically test.

    Furthermore, the dollars you spend now on generating test traffic are not wasted, because you are collecting pre-orders and contact information from buyers. You can't lose - unless there is no market for your idea, in which case you're better off knowing sooner rather than later!



      The Pre-Marketing Field Guide for Entrepreneurs & Investors

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