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Life is a game, so play it.

REAL LIFE helps you set goals, make plans and prioritize tasks

Are you a procrastinator? Do you neglect unpleasant tasks until they fall off your radar? Do you lack a long-term plan, have trouble sticking to a course of action, or lack follow-through?

REAL LIFE is a productivity tool that helps you plan your life and work your plan. You'll define goals, break them down into a sequence of manageable tasks, and order those tasks according to priority.

As time passes, REAL LIFE schedules your tasks dynamically, elevating tasks in your priority list so that you have ample warning when deadlines approach, or when tasks are being neglected.

But REAL LIFE is more than a task prioritizer - it makes it fun to pursue your goals, by gamifying work.

REAL LIFE is a game that motivates you to work towards your goals.

A big part of what makes popular role-playing games like World of Warcraft fun and addictive is leveling up your character, gaining new skills, customizing abilities and collecting powerful items. These games reward your efforts in a structured way and provide a sense of achievement - motivating you to grind away at tasks that are not always fun.

REAL LIFE provides the same kinds of incentives and rewards... in real life! Instead of following quests assigned by the game, you'll work towards achieving real life goals that you define, earning experience points for completing goals like painting the fence (instead of killing manticores).

With REAL LIFE, you have fun while getting things done.


In a ten-year study of Harvard MBA grads, only 3% surveyed had written goals at graduation. Ten years later, those 3% were earning ten times as much as those who didn’t have written goals!

Life Gamified

How to Play

Defining goals is fundamental to success in both life and REAL LIFE. Once you've added a goal, the next step is to make a plan to achieve your goal by breaking it down into a sequence of manageable tasks. Here's what it looks like:

Once you set a goal and define the tasks involved, it will appear on your Task Prioritizer. You set the importance of the task by dragging it into order of priority.

As deadlines approach, or if a task is being neglected, the system elevates the task in your priority list, forcing you to deal with it.

When you are about to work on a task, drag the task into the Task in Progress slot. As you log time working towards a task, you earn experience points.

When you’ve completed a task, check the task as Done. The next task in the goal sequence will slides into position. You can review the all the tasks in a goal by swiping sideways.

When you want to work toward a different goal, drag a new task into Task in Progress. Tapping the pause button clears the Task in Progress slot, pausing the game.

Completing Goals

When you complete all tasks in a goal, you earn Experience Points (XP) for the time you logged towards the goal, multiplied by your average Performance Score over all the tasks, plus applicable skill bonuses and item bonuses - resulting in Life Points that are added to your Life Score.

Leveling Up

When you earn enough Life Points, you level up and earn skill points which can be used to unlock challenges.

Life Gamified

Challenges and Skills

Spend skill points to unlock challenges.

Once you complete a new challenge, you not only gain the reward, but you learn the skill. From that point on, whenever you fulfill the conditions of the challenge, you earn that reward.

This way, players can customize their character’s abilities to reward their preferred style of work.

Each Challenge belongs to a Skill Path. Skills must be earned in sequence: you can’t learn a powerful Level 5 skill until you pick up the first four. Skill points can also be invested in the same skill to increase the bonus for using that skill.


Your Life Score is the sum of your Life Points, and is a measure of your total accomplishments in the game. Life Score is calculated as follows:

Life Score = XP x Performance Score.

Completing a tasks earns you Experience Points (XP), based on the amount of time invested in the task, at a rate of 1XP / 10 minutes.

Performance score indicates as how well you are performing in at the moment, on a scale of 1-100. It increases when players complete tasks and goals, meet deadlines, estimate task durations accurately and perform personal bests at skill challenges. Missing deadlines and neglecting tasks decrease performance score. Performance score can fluctuate several points per day.

Having a high Performance Score is key to earning a high Life Score. You can earn a high performance score naturally by accomplishing a lot of tasks/goals and logging a lot of hours, i.e by performing at a high level. Or, you can buy Upgrades.

Real Life



REAL LIFE is free to play and offers in-game purchases.

Players can purchase Upgrades to permanently improve their Performance Score. If the player has a bad week and drops 10 Performance Points, he can buy a $5 Upgrade and be erase the damage.

Implant 1 for $1
Modification 10 for $5
Rebuild 25 for $10
Pivot 50 for $15
Reboot 100 for $20


No game is complete without the chance of winning magic treasure that bestows additional abilities.

When you achieve a personal best score while exercising a skill, chances are good that you'll be rewarded with an item related to that skill.

Some Rewards provide a permanent increase (+1, +2, +3) to Performance Score. Others are consumable, and offer temporary boosts to Performance Score.

Items and their bonuses are stackable, and transferable to other players.

Life Gamified


REAL LIFE borrows social elements from MMORPGs. Players can chat with a Group they belong to, with other players privately, and with players in their vicinity.

The main social action is sharing your accomplishments (goals achieved, rewards earned) and commenting on other’s accomplishments.

There are Skills to be gained that incentivize social behavior, i.e.:

+100 Life Points to share an achieved goal.

+500 Life Points to Invite a Friend

+1000 Life Points for starting a Group and getting 5 people to join.

Life Can Be Fun.

REAL LIFE is coming soon to iOS. If you’d like to receive updates, please join the mailing list.