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How to Generate Leads & Sales Online Without Blowing Your Budget.

Right now, you can start hooking new prospects and reeling in leads with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, with low costs per click and no minimum spend.

As a long-term strategy, you could rise to the top of the organic search results with content marketing, and earn that traffic for free.

Here's how...

Cost-Effective PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising (when done right).

The average cost-per-click for a Google Adwords search ad is between one and two dollars. But if you break that down, you’ll find some advertisers paying $5 per click, and other advertisers paying 50 cents per click.

The difference between paying a lot and paying a little is the ad's Quality Score for the keyword being searched.

Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad.

- Google

I produce relevant ads and landing pages that earn high Quality Scores by designing them together as a unit.

A well-crafted ad/landing page unit is like sending your top salesperson into a meeting with a perfectly-honed sales pitch that does these things:

  • communicates the features and benefits that matter most to that specific buyer (not all buyers are motivated by the same benefits)
  • delivers the unique selling proposition that differentiates you from your competition
  • makes a compelling offer or promise proven to convert the prospect one step closer to the sale.

Imagine that this ultimate salesperson is instantly available, on-demand, around the clock with capacity to meet with an unlimited number of prospects simultaneously, and costing you just cents per sales call.

And because there is no minimum spend with Adwords, you can cut back your virtual salesperson's hours when you have all the business you can handle, or scale up when you want to grow.

Find out what works with
Strategic Marketing Optimization

We think we know what the buyers want, but until we test our hypotheses, that's all they are. A/B split testing proves which positioning statements are best at generating leads.

It’s common to double or triple your conversions by optimizing different headlines, positioning statements, price points or terms of payment.

Not only does strategic marketing optimization generate more leads, it also provides vital intelligence for offline use.

Do you know what messaging resonates with your buyers? You will when we’re done.

Online advertising is the quickest way to generate online leads... but it's not the only way.

Get Found in Organic Search Results with Content Marketing

Content marketing is about publishing content that attracts potential customers to your site without paying for the click.

Content that gets clicked comes in various forms - funny, inspiring, or controversial - but the most effective content for most businesses (especially in the B2B space) is useful content that solves buyers’ problems.

The strategy is to figure out what information your prospective buyers are searching for, then make it available on your site: if they are searching for “how to solve X”, publish an article about “how to solve X (with your product)”.

Specific searches like “how to solve X” are called long-tail search terms. Not many people search for them, but when they do they identify themselves as high-value prospects.

When the content of your page closely matches a long-tail search term, that page is going to end up near the top of the search results, regardless of whether you have 20 competitors who normally outrank you for the most competitive industry keywords.

Pages that target long-tail search terms punch above their weight class for SEO.

Boost SEO for Every Page

An effective content marketing campaign will also improve your search result rankings for broad, high-value industry keywords - eg. the name of your product category - because when you publish helpful content, people link to it and share it.

This signals to Google that your site is authoritative, and Google rewards you by boosting every page on your domain in the search rankings.

Build Authority & Trust

As an added benefit, when you publish helpful, authoritative content, you’re building a reputation for thought-leadership, which translates into trust for your brand.

When it comes time to buy, most customers will short-list the offerings from trusted brands for consideration.

Position Your Product by Controlling the Narrative

Finally, with a content marketing campaign, your organization can control the narrative to sway public perception in your favor.

Is there lackluster demand for some features your product provides? Are their hidden benefits to using your product that the competition cannot meet? Is there a new application for your product that prospects are unaware of?

Through your content marketing platform, you can reinforce what is important with your audience in a subtle way - or smash them over the head with it!


High Performance Content For Pages That Matter

I develop critical content that attracts, educates, and persuades your prospects to answer your call to action… whatever it may be.

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